Red's Decision was a commercial that it has Star Wars in it. That's why Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is coming out. The ship where Darth Vader goes is going to the planet. And then he goes inside the room where Red and Yellow is delivering Dark Chocolate M&M's to him, but they've desided not to join the dark side. And then he chokes Red's throut, he was down when he was fine, and then they want to start on Monday.


(The ship where Darth Vader goes, he goes to the lava planet. Darth Vader walked to the room with Stormtroopers, and then they saw Red and Yellow with Dark Chocolate M&M'S.)

Red: So, Lord Vader, these Dark Chocolate M&M's are a good idea, but, uhhhhhh........

(Darth Vader looks at Red.)

Red: We've decided not to join the dark side.

(Darth Vader chokes Red's throut, and Red fells down.)

Red: (coughs)

Yellow: We'll start Monday.

(Screens shows Dark Chocolate M&M's in space.)

Voice: New Dark Chocolate M&M's.